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Starting this month, the parking lot employees will be transitioning into dual roles! As cashiers and parking lot ambassadors/attendants, they will provide improved parking lot management.
During construction (and for the duration of the remodel), they will be assisting with blocking off parking spaces and providing guidance via signage/fliers. They will also be positioned at the terminal’s pay station to assist passengers with the new pay station procedures. With new ticket dispensers and equipment, the attendants will assist in educating travelers. We’re confident that users will learn the ropes in no time. Furthermore, we are excited to roll out this new equipment! It has been over 20 years since we made changes.
After construction, the cashiers and ambassadors will continue their equipment education roles. They will also be in the parking lot before and after flight operations, helping with traffic flow and assisting passengers as needed. Furthermore, this group will be assisting our staff with ground transportation compliance and general parking needs, i.e. debris clean up. Year round, they’ll offer basic auto support, such as providing jumper cables and removing snow from windshields.
Over time, we will eventually replace the manned cashier booth with full automation. This will allow a parking lot attendant to be more accessible in the lot, while also being able to provide cashier services from a mobile device. Should there be any technical or user needs, the cashiers and ambassadors will be there to lend a helping hand.