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All art on the airport walls come from various local artists. Those pieces are swapped out twice per year, as new seasons come and go. Next time you’re in the airport, take a minute to enjoy the beautiful, local artwork.

In early May, we had a chance to ask Gail a few questions about the airport art rotations.

Q: First and foremost, how did you get started with the Sun Valley airport artwork?  

A: The Ketchum Arts Commission (KAC) developed the program with the help and support of the SUN airport. While I was on the board of the KAC, I agreed to be a part of the group that oversaw and developed the process for encouraging Idaho artists to submit work (both for jurying and to display at the airport).

The jury is made up of a group from the Ketchum Arts Commission and the airport management. Members of the commission help with accepting new work at the airport and meeting artists for pickup of work as shows come down seasonally.  We donated our staff at Severn Art Services for a number of years and I continue to donate my time, as do all the members of the Airport Arts committee.

Q: What is your dream behind this great showing at the airport?

A: The Arts Commission was aware that airports around the globe present opportunities for artist to display their work in public settings. This concept provides a wonderful environment for higher visibility to a diverse audience. Calls are extended to artists and galleries to submit work for exhibition. Many of the artists that exhibit are not necessarily affiliated with galleries, and this opportunity enables them to exhibit work in a lovely public setting where people from all over the world pass by. Artists also have the opportunity to sell their pieces.

Q: For each rotation, tell us what the process is like for the artists?

A: Public notice is sent out to artists, arts organizations, galleries, websites and newspapers – notifying the public of the opportunity for artists to submit images of their work for inclusion in the airport’s exhibitions.

Artists go through a jury process by submitting work to be reviewed for possible inclusion. Work is then chosen, and artists are notified of the date and times to deliver work to the airport.

The KAC coordinates the take down of previous exhibitions, along with receiving the work to be installed for the new exhibition. All accepted works are hung and labeled with information on the artist and how to contact the artist.  The airport also advertises the new exhibitions and creates a hand out and information on their website to help promote and advertise the exhibition.

Q: How do you determine who is selected?

A: The jury for art selection is made up of a group from the Ketchum & Hailey Arts commission and the airport management.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?

A: I truly enjoy getting to interact with the artists and seeing their excitement in having their work on display.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the airport (SUN)?

A: The airport has many wonderful opportunities for work to be displayed – from the waiting areas, to just outside the security check points, to the airport lobby. Also, the designated area where passengers wait for busing in the winter gives an opportunity to spend more time with the work. Truly, there are so many opportune locations at the airport.

Q: When not involved in the artist rotations, what do you do?

Gail Severn Gallery and Severn Art Services

About Gail Severn Gallery  

Gail founded the Gail Severn Gallery in 1976, celebrating 43 years in the Wood River Valley.

The gallery has a national reputation for presenting energetic exhibition schedules, participating in international art fairs, and facilitating museum exhibitions. Acknowledged regionally with leadership

positions in community arts advocacy, as well as advisory boards for museums and universities.

About Severn Art Services

Severn Art Services has been the framer to collectors and galleries for over 45 years. Specializing in quality custom and archival framing. Providing experienced installation and curatorial services for homes, offices, collectors, and corporations.

Severn Art Services offers professional advisory services for artwork valuations, conservation and restoration. Providing professional services for both indoor and outdoor installations in private and public settings.

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