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DO wear slip on shoes!

Listen, unless you have TSA Pre✓®…you will have to remove your shoes. So save yourself the hassle of unbuckling, unzipping or untying and bring them slip-ons!

DON’T forget your socks!

So yeah about those slip-on shoes.  Avoid the cold floor and wear some comfy socks! Make sure you leave the holy ones at home!

DO leave your fancy jewelry on!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and who wants to be forever separated from their BFF!?! Go ahead…leave the bling on through screening!

DON’T go through security with fashion accessories that resemble a weapon!

The clutch is cute and all… and is probably ideal for a blind date …but it is still considered a prohibited item.  If the purse is a must than you can always just check it in.

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