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Diversion servicesWe have snow in the forecast, this will make for happy skiers and great conditions. And while recent winter storms caused flight delays and cancellations across much of the country, our SUN air travelers fared a bit better. While we did have some SUN flights diverted due to the snowy weather, our air travelers got to where they needed to go in the same day, thanks to our diversion busing program in partnership with Fly Sun Valley Alliance. This unique and complimentary program assists SUN air travelers with getting to their destination during those times when inclement winter weather affects flight operations at SUN.  This is a much better alternative to having a flight cancelled or delayed, which would happen at most any other airport. We are proud to make an extraordinary effort to take care of our SUN passengers, and we know they appreciate it. 

Get program details HERE from Fly Sun Valley Alliance. Be informed and prepared!

Note: Due to Alaska Airlines proprietary RNP approach, their nonstop flights to/from Seattle have much improved reliability at SUN – a 95% completion rate last winter!

There are also exciting new developments in the works to improve reliability of all the airline flights to/from SUN. Check out the update from the SUN airport manager HERE.

Click here for more information on diversion services.