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A commitment for the Wood River Valley

You may be eager to seek out your next adventure, or you may be more comfortable staying closer to home. Whatever the case, when you’re ready to make your trek to the Wood River Valley, we encourage you to practice Mindfulness in the Mountains. What does that mean? To us, it means you respect other people’s level of comfort with COVID-19 social distancing protocol and respond accordingly. That means wearing your face mask in public spaces, keeping a safe social distance from others, and actively engaging with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Our friends at Visit Sun Valley have done a wonderful job compiling resources, activities, and so much more to assist you in being mindful. Whether you’re fishing, hiking, biking, or exploring the Sawtooths — there are many great options for you and your family to enjoy your time here! If you’re coming to town with kids, there are various camps to check out so they can spend time outdoors with others their own age: Sun Valley Kids Camp, YMCA Youth Camps, and Galena Lodge Kids Camp. While there are more camp recommendations, this is a great starting point to get the kids outdoors.

We look forward to your visit and can’t wait for you to experience the beauty that surrounds us. While you’re here, please join us in committing to patience, kindness, understanding, and knowledge as we come to terms with a new way of living in and visiting the mountains.

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