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National Preparedness Month

Because Disasters Don’t Wait

September is National Preparedness Month. It’s a time to promote family and community disaster planning, not only now but throughout the year. As our valley continues to adjust to the changing public health and economic environment, there is no better time to stop and evaluate your level of preparedness than today.

Navigating all the hurdles associated with COVID-19 already makes life challenging enough but imagine having to do it while evacuating your home due to wildfire. What if severe spring storms forced your family to stay in a temporary shelter? And what if a winter blizzard closed highways and snapped powerlines. Would you be able to make it for at least 72 hours without emergency assistance?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself now, and not when an emergency happens. And as you begin to answer these questions, make a plan that will help you, your family and loved ones—and even your pets—survive an unexpected disaster.

And that plan should cover more than just your home and stocking up on canned goods. That plan should also cover preparedness wherever you may travel. Roads close for weather. So do airports. It’s important to be prepared as services and support may be limited. Simple things like carrying cash and extra doses of prescription medication can make a big difference.

So, please, as we say goodbye to summer this month, please take the time to make a plan, build a kit, and learn about ways you can better prepare yourself for whatever the remainder of 2020 decides to dish out. Remember, disasters don’t announce themselves, not do they wait until you’re ready or there’s a cure for the coronavirus. To help you get started, we’ve included some important downloads from our friends at

Prepare for emergencies now
Emergency checklist for pet owners
Emergency checklist for seniors
Emergency checklist for people with disabilities