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Dec. 5 marks the Blaine County Recreation District’s (BCRD) Free Ski Day. Nordic skiing and snowshoeing will be free to the public on all open trails in Blaine County. But be sure to check which trails are open before you head out. Fewer are being groomed and made available this year while there is still a high risk of transmitting Covid-19.
If you do head out on an open trail, be sure to take precautions and socially-distance yourself from the extra people that will likely be out for Free Ski Day as well. We also encourage you to take a look at the CDC’s guide on how to protect yourself and others before heading out. Some of the tips for staying healthy on the trails we recommend are:
  • Don’t go out onto the trails if you’re showing symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Prepare for limited bathroom access on the trails. In other words: go before you head out.
  • Warn others of your presence on the trails as you pass and step aside for others as they pass.
  • Exercise the CDC’s of socially distancing yourself from others by at least six feet at all times.
It takes all of us to stay safe and healthy. Do your part minding others and staying socially-distanced.