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While airlines take the necessary precautions during these unprecedented times, new protocols seem to be appearing daily. It’s important for travelers to stay informed of the airline’s safety updates, as the industry strives to keep its employees and the public safe. It’s worth noting that all of the airlines mentioned advocate for contactless support and services through their mobile apps.

Delta Airlines- mobile app link:
Contact Tracing 

As of December 2020, Delta announced they are partnering with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to keep international customers informed of potential COVID-19 exposure through contact tracing. Delta will become one of the first U.S. Airlines to ask customers traveling to the U.S. from an international location, to voluntarily provide personal data. Under this new process with the CDC, Delta aims to contact customers more quickly, resulting in reduced instances of potential exposure and slow the spread of the virus. 

For travelers to Italy, this is now a required submission for covid-free entry to that country. The airline maintains protecting their customer’s security and privacy are top priorities, and that the information will not be retained for any longer than necessary.

To learn more about the contact tracing effort please click HERE

Alaska Airlines – online app click HERE

Next-Level Care Safety Measures

Alaska Airlines has continued to beef up its already extensive Next-Level-Care protocols throughout the virus crisis.

The airline has been consistently working with the University of Washington infectious disease experts in order to implement industry best practices for keeping the flight crew and passengers safe.

With the already-in-place wellness agreement, along with nearly 100 protective measures put in place, Alaska Air is committed to ensuring its employees and guests feel safe. 

For more information about the airline’s protocols please visit:

For the Next-Level-Care Info please click HERE

United Airlines- online app:

What to Expect When You Fly

Partnering with Clorox and the Cleveland Clinic, United aims to put safety and cleanliness at the forefront to ease passenger anxieties and keep crew and customers safe.

Customers are currently required to complete a “Ready to Fly” checklist at check-in. 

Passengers can also text “Clean” to FLYUA to reach an automated assistant to help answer all of your safety questions.

Passengers also now have the option to pay for a Covid-19 test. For more information about the process please visit:

For a list of destinations that have their own requirements please visit State and Territorial updates. This is especially important for those traveling internationally or to Hawaii.