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Give yourself extra time- flights get canceled and/or delayed. Consider arriving a day before an event, meeting, etc.

It’s important to be proactive and start making arrangements the minute you know your flight is going to be canceled. Seats on the next flight could be limited.

Some airlines will give you a complimentary lounge pass (if you ask for it) if your flight has been delayed for several hours.

It’s always best to get a nonstop flight if you can. If you have to take a flight requiring a connection, try to get a connection through a city unlikely to have snow or ice.

Consider driving to a nearby city offering a non-stop flight if your local airport doesn’t have any available.

Consider the rental car insurance and make sure the car is suitable and equipped for the conditions.

A slight dusting is enough to shut down everything if a snowstorm occurs in the southern United States. If there is snow in the forecast, it is definitely something you should pay attention to as most places in the south are ill-equipped to deal with snow.