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When to book your trip

Many of us are looking forward to traveling this year after a very long hiatus. Finding the best price for flights for many travelers is a priority. Economic variables contribute to dynamic pricing patterns. But most experts agree, there are a few rules of thumb by which all prospective passengers should follow- book well in advance as prices undoubtedly increase the closer to your departure date. Last-minute bookings will come with the steepest price tags. 

Location, location, location

Destinations and times of the year also play a part in the pricing game- think holidays and spring breaks to warmer climates. And while planning ahead can be especially difficult these days, some airlines waive change fees so be sure to check your airline’s flight policies. 

Historically speaking

Begin looking at prices well in advance of your trip. Some mileage programs and online tracking apps can provide historical pricing data (keep in mind, however, the last couple of years have been anything but average). The best days to purchase hold steady with Wednesdays and Thursdays being the least expensive and Sundays tend to be on the pricier side. 

Domestic and international flights

For 2022 an average of 28 days before trips seems to be the best time to start looking at domestic- with a small caveat. That time frame nearly doubles for winter and summer travel and triples before holidays. In the United States plan to book in September for November and December trips. 

If you are heading outside of the United States to Mexico or Canada, try to give yourself at least two months. For Europe, give yourself 180 days and if possible, book in November. 

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