July 25, 2017 Update All 31 airstrips managed by Idaho Aeronautics will remain open and available during the eclipse event. However, we reserve the right to close any state airport deemed necessary. Our goal is to maintain safe operations around the airports. In preparation for the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, the Division of Aeronautics […]

A Quick Recap from Mike Rasch — Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation General Manager

On Monday, July 17, Mike Rasch is retiring after a long stint as general manager of Atlantic Aviation’s base at Friedman Memorial Airport. Even after 30 years of service, Mike was kind enough to stick around through the most recent Allen & Company event, which brought in more than 80 private jets. Mike started at […]

The New Hangar!

Airport Maintenance

You’ve probably noticed that the airport received a new addition in the last year. We’re excited to announce that the Atlantic Aviation hangar is now complete. Even after all the snow we received this past winter, there wasn’t much of a delay in the project’s completion. Atlantic Aviation SUN is the fixed-base operator (FBO) that […]

Triennial Emergency Response Drill Successful!

Triennial Drill

On Saturday, June 10th the airport held it’s triennial emergency response drill. From all of us at SUN, we want to pass along a huge thank you to all the volunteers who braved the cold temps and possible dousing by the airport ARFF vehicle. The participation by our 45 “victims” was tremendous, and really helped make […]

FMA Triennial Live Drill

Friedman Memorial Airport’s Triennial Live Drill Saturday June 10, 2017 8:00am until 12:00pm Every 36 months (three years), the FAA requires Friedman Memorial Airport to test its full-scale emergency response plan. This exercise is designed to test the emergency capabilities of all surrounding emergency responders (including hospitals and other medical facilities) in the event of […]

Personal Project: NORTH STAR


Earlier this year we had the opportunity to help Emelia Morgan, a 10th-grader at Wood River High School, with her sophomore personal project—building, launching, and retrieving a weather balloon that she sent into near space. The craft, nicknamed NORTH STAR (Near Space Telemetry Aeronautics Research), collected photographic and scientific data from more than 100,000 feet […]