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Friedman Memorial Airport Manager supports airline airport partnersReturning the Favor: Idaho Manager supports Airline, Airport Partners Everyone [...]

TSA implements additional COVID-19 safety measure at U.S. airports

TSA announced on May 7th that its employees must wear facial protection while at screening checkpoints. The decision to require TSA officers to wear facial protection will be implemented over the coming days. It is an additional measure to help minimize spread of COVID-19 and help raise the overall health and safety level inside the […]

TSA PreCheck Enrollment Up Coming

This is exciting news! Due to popular demand we are bringing you another PreCheck Enrollment.  During the week of June 1st – 5th we are hosting another TSA PreCheck enrollment session. This will take place in the airport terminal conference room. So, for now, simply mark your calendars on the week of June 1st if you’d like to enroll […]

TSA TIP: Go Green Through Security

Tip 1: Pack smart and pack light: Did you know the more weight an airplane carries, the more fuel is used, and the more gases are emitted into the atmosphere? Bet you don’t want to be THAT person! You’re smart; know what you can bring though security. Tip 2: Reduce waste and save money by bringing […]

TSA TIP: How to Pack You Meds


One of the more popular questions TSA gets from travelers is: “Can I travel with my medication?” The answer is yes, with some qualifiers. Here are a few tips that you might find helpful.   It is not necessary to present your medication to, or notify an officer about any medication you are traveling with unless […]

TSA TIP: Fly Like Rudolph for the Holiday Season

Article by TSA.gov click here to view. Beautiful holiday themed wrapping paper and gift bags, oh what a sight! While wrapped presents aren’t prohibited, we highly encourage you to keep your presents unwrapped in case our TSA officers need to inspect them. Both our officers and the jolly folks waiting in line behind you will […]

TSA PreCheck Update

Friedman Memorial Airport

GOOD NEWS! TSA Pre✓®  Screening Continues to Improve at SUN. For TSA Pre✓® eligible travelers, your TSA Pre✓® privileges have gotten more streamlined at SUN!  Effectively immediately, TSA now offers “blended” TSA Pre✓® screening to eligible travelers. This means TSA Pre✓® eligible travelers will no longer have to wait for designated TSA Pre✓® screening times – […]

TSA PreCheck at SUN Fall 2019

Friedman Memorial Airport

Based on SUN customer requests, TSA will offer full TSA Pre✓® screening to eligible travelers during designated times this fall and winter. The schedule will be determined by departing flight times and projected passenger volumes. To help you plan your arrival at the airport, we anticipate full TSA Pre✓® screening will be available at the […]

Thank You SUN TSA Team. . . !


The SUN TSA team did an excellent job this past summer season. Now that we have wrapped up some of the busiest months of travel, we wanted to extend a large “thank you” to the entire team. They have gone above and beyond with the implementation of the new TSA pre-check line, in combination with a dedicated […]