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Returning the Favor: Idaho Manager supports Airline, Airport Partners

Everyone is feeling the impact of COVID-19, but none more so than the airline and other airport employees who have seen drastic layoffs and cuts in their hours.

TSA employees across the country have risen to the occasion by hosting food banks and providing meals for their partners. In many ways, the situation is reminiscent of the government shutdown that occurred more than a year ago, when those same groups rallied to show their support for TSA Officers who were working without pay.

Friedman Memorial Airport Manager supports airline airport partners
Team TWF from left: STSO Kim Huempfner, TSM Sheryl Mukhar, SkyWest representatives Paulo and Teddy and TSO Dennis Magill. (Photo by Jamin Yriatre)

Transportation Security Manager Cheryl Mukhar also wanted to help. Mukhar manages two Idaho airports: The Joslin Field-Magic Valley Airport (TWF) in Twin Falls and the Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) in Sun Valley. Seeing her partners in aviation security at two different airports struggling during the pandemic spurred Mukhar to action.

Friedman Memorial Airport Manager supports airline airport partners
Team SUN from left: LTSO Bryan John, TSO Melissa Sortor, Delta representative Sarah, LTSO Jayne Fenton, TSO D. Olsen (Photo by Dale Veroneau)

“The employees provided an overwhelming amount of support to my officers during the government shutdown and I felt that it was our turn to show our compassion and be supportive of them,” said Mukhar.

Article by: Robicheaux, Karen

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