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TSA Info + Air Travel Procedures

Before traveling, review the updated TSA COVID-19 security procedures

We are STRONGLY advising all travelers to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure time in the summer or when the weather is good in the winter, but at least 2 hours is strongly encouraged, especially during bad weather. In the event that Mother Nature intervenes in your travel plans, you will be contacted by your air carrier, who will provide you with information regarding alternative transportation to another airport, so that you will still arrive at your destination on time.

It is recommended you arrive 2 hours early - but no less than 90 minutes

It is recommended that passengers always check-in at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time but no less than 90 minutes (the TSA Checkpoint is usually open 90 minutes before flight time). During the winter and when the weather is bad, please allow more time if you are traveling during the holidays or peak travel times and check the weather diversion page for more information about procedures during inclement weather for each airline.

The TSA advises that the best way to ensure a quick trip through the security screening process is to prepare. In addition to arriving 2 hours before a domestic flight:

  • Know what you might have to remove from your carry-on before arriving at the security line (this may include snacks and food products)
  • Consider packing items that are subject to increased scrutiny in your checked baggage
  • Minimize items that you wear to the airport such as bulky jewelry, scarves, accessories, and if you must wear them, place what you can in bins
  • Be sure to retrieve everything you placed in the bins.
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