Airport Governance


The airport is jointly owned by the City of Hailey and Blaine County and is operated by the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority (FMAA) Board, which is comprised of three representatives appointed by the city, three appointed by the county and a seventh member who is unanimously agreed upon by the six owner-appointed members of the Authority.

The pioneering Friedman family donated land for an airport in the 1930s and approximately 111 acres of airport property is controlled by the City of Hailey as part of the Friedman Trust property. An additional 100 acres, comprising the rest of the airport property, is jointly owned by the City of Hailey and Blaine County.

FMAA Board Members

Chairman Jacob Greenberg

jacob_greenbergChairman Jacob Greenberg has been serving the as a Board Member on the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority since February 12, 2013 and is also in his first term as a Blaine County Commissioner.

Jacob has been a resident of the Wood River Valley since 1982 and is currently also the County’s liaison to the following groups:

Sustain Blaine
Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley
City of Hailey
Hailey Chamber of Commerce
Fly Sun Valley Alliance
Wood River Economic Partnership
EMS Council

As a business consultant and small business owner, Jacob is committed to fiscal responsibility and economic development.

Jacob Greenberg can be reached at or 208-788-5500 x1176.

Vice-Chairman Don Keirn

don-keirnVice-Chairman Don Keirn has been serving as a Board Member on the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority since August 4, 2011 and has been serving on the Hailey City Council since January 1, 2001 of which he is currently President of. Though Don has served on the FMAA for only a short while, he has contributed his years of business knowledge to the Board on several issues and discussions.

Don has been a resident of the Wood River Valley since 1997 and has greatly contributed to the Valley. With his business degree from UCLA with a major in industrial relations and a minor in accounting, Don has become a valuable member of this community by becoming involved in serving on committees like the BC3 Committee that developed the current County dispatch system.

Amongst his other duties and activities with the City of Hailey and FMAA, Don also serves on the Boards and committees of the following:

Sustain Blaine Board
The Transportation Board
Hailey Urban Redevelopment Agency Board
Blaine County Regional Leadership Committee (Mayor representative)

Don has a general interest in all airport matters, but especially in assuring improvements that will keep commercial aircraft operating successfully in and out of FMA. He was active in promoting the installation of impact fees and an Urban Renewal Agency within the City of Hailey and continues to be involved in budget oversight, which is a major challenge in todays economy.

Don Keirn can be reached at or 208-788-4659.

Treasurer Ron Fairfax

ron-fairfaxTreasurer Ron Fairfax has been serving as the Independent Board Member on the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority since June 5, 2001. Throughout the years he has served on the FMAA, Ron Fairfax has contributed his experience and knowledge in business, finance and aviation to help the Board make informed decisions, and help with understanding of some of the aviation and finance issues.

Ron has been a resident of the Wood River Valley since 1996 and has greatly contributed to the general aviation community. With his diverse background in business and community affairs, Ron has become a valued and reliable member of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority.

With his dedicated involvement in community organizations such as the Hailey Chamber of Commerce and Hailey Ice Park Ron also is a member of the following:

AOPA (Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association)
Experimental Aircraft Association
American Bonanza Society
Pacific Bonanza Society
Idaho Aviation Association
Baja Bush Pilots Association
Hailey Ice Park (President)

Ron has held his own dental practice in Hailey, ID since 1996, has been an aircraft owner of a single engine aircraft since 1986 and has been a pilot since 1981. Ron currently owns and flys a 1974 Bonanea V35B and also flys a Rans S-75 experimental aircraft that he built himself.

You can contact Ron at

Board Member Martha Burke

Martha BurkeBio soon to come!


Board Member Angenie McCleary

angenie-mcclearyBoard Member Angenie McCleary has been serving the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority since August 4, 2011, and is also in her second term as a Blaine County Commissioner.

Angenie has been a resident of the Wood River Valley since 1999. With her Masters in Social Work and background in health and human services with a strong emphasis on work with youth and youth issues, Angenie fully understands the challenges facing Blaine County families. Her community organizing experience in Blaine County led to Angenie’s desire to serve in public office.

Her social service experience allows her to provide expertise on issues relevant to our community. Angenie believes that a government’s primary role is to maintain and enhance our community’s health, safety, and quality of life. Angenie is particularly interested in public transportation, air service, affordable housing, integration of Blaine County’s growing Latino population, mental health and substance abuse services, and public safety.

Angenie McCleary can be reached at 208-788-5500, ext. 1173 or

Board Member Pat Cooley

Bio soon to come!


The Friedman Memorial Airport Authority has certain duties, responsibilities and limitations which are delineated in the Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement, between Blaine County and the City of Hailey, dated February 26, 2011. In order to help perform these duties and responsibilities and observe these limitations, the Board has adopted the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority By-Laws.

Amended and Restated Friedman Memorial Airport Authority By-Laws
Original Friedman Memorial Airport Authority By-Laws

Rules & Regulations

94-1 Regulations


Regulation No. 94-1 is a regulation of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority governing and regulating ground transportation and baggage transport services at Friedman Memorial Airport, Hailey, Idaho. It prohibits the commission of certain acts, provides penalties for the violation of this regulation. This regulation was amended on November 6,2018.

An Amendment to Friedman Memorial Airport Authority Regulation No. 94-1





Rates & Charges


Each year, during the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority budget process, which takes place from April through September, rates, fees, tolls or charges for the use or availability of the facilities of the Airport shall be established. In order to establish the appropriate amounts for said rates, fees, tolls and charges, the Authority shall first determine the amount of income necessary to make the Airport self-sustaining and shall then determine, as closely as possible, the specific causes of the operating costs. All revenues generated by the Airport and any local taxes on aviation fuel will be expended by the Authority for the capital or operating costs of the airport.

Friedman Memorial Airport Rates & Charges Schedule

Airport Minimum Standards


The Friedman Memorial Airport Authority is responsible for the management and administration of the Airport which includes operation, maintenance, and capital improvement of aviation buildings and facilities.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) places the responsibility with the Airport operator to ensure that adequate aeronautical services and facilities are available on a fair and reasonable basis to all aviation users.

To encourage the safe and orderly development of the Airport and it’s operation, the FAA recommends that Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activity be developed. Airport minimum standards establish the minimum requirements to be met by an entity as a condition for the privelege to conduct an aeronautical activity or provide a commercial aeronautical service at the Airport.

Friedman Memorial Airport Minimum Standard Requirements

The Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement of 2011 was made effective upon its execution between Blaine County, a political subdivision of the State of Idaho, and the City of Hailey, an Idaho municipal corporation located within the County.

General Function of the Airport Authority

  • Selection and appointment of an Airport Manager and necessary employees.
  • Terms and conditions of leases, contracts and agreements, cooperative or otherwise, pertaining to the operation of the Airport.
  • Adoption of Rules and regulations related to operation and maintenance of the Airport in order to ensure a safe and effective operation of all airport facilities.
  • Preparation of development plans, financial plans and budget for the Airport.

Membership & Qualifications

  • 7 Members
  • The Authority Board consists of three members appointed by the County Commissioners of Blaine County, three members appointed by the Hailey City Council and one independent member who is appointed by a unanimous vote of the other six Authority Board members.

Length of Term

The members of the Authority Board that are appointed by the City Council or the County Commissioners serve for a period of time that is determined by the City Council or County Commissioners. The Independent Member serves a two-year term commencing on January 1 of the year of appointment.

Meeting of Schedule

The Airport Authority meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm in the upstairs meeting room of the Old Blaine County Courthouse in Hailey, Idaho.

Joint Powers Agreement

Purpose of this Agreement

The purpose of this Agreement is:

  1. To amend and restate pertinent provisions of the 1994 Agreement that created an Authority for the management and operation of certain airport activity in the County, including the Existing Airport.
  2. To eliminate safety deviations without expanding the impact of the Existing Airport on the adjacent community.
  3. To implement the Master Plan.
  4. To plan for, establish and operate the Replacement Airport.

    ***Please refer to the Joint Powers Agreement subcategory under Airport Governance for more information regarding earlier versions and all amendments of the Joint Powers Agreement.

2011 Friedman Memorial Airport Authority Joint Powers Agreement


Joint Powers Agreement of 2011

Original Joint Powers Agreement of 1994

The original Joint Powers Agreement between the County and City dated May 16, 1994.

Original Joint Powers Agreement of 1994

Amendments to the 1994 Joint Powers Agreement

Seven amendments have been made to the Joint Powers Agreement since 1994, not including the most recent restated and amended Joint Powers Agreement.

First Amendment to the JPA
Second Amendment to the JPA
Third Amendment to the JPA
Fourth Amendment to the JPA
Fifth Amendment to the JPA
Sixth Amendment to the JPA
Seventh Amendment to the JPA