• If you intend to fly your drone or other unmanned aircraft within 5 nautical miles of the airport, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO GET PERMISSION FROM AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL. Please call Airport Operations at 720-5186 to tell them your plans or to ask for assistance.
  • Your hobby won’t be dictated by the local airport manager, but in some cases your flight request may be denied. If you are told that you can’t fly in a particular spot, it’s likely for safety reasons that carry weight. You don’t want to be in violation of interfering with a manned flight!
  • You do have some FAA rules to follow if your drone weighs more than 0.55 lbs. If you don’t already know if you fall into this category, here are all the details along with examples that will help you determine if you need to register.

FMA’s Take on the Drone Zone

Operating drones within 5 miles of the airport’s “Class D” airspace is prohibited without permission of Air Traffic Control. Notification to the airport and air traffic control tower must be acknowledged 24 hours in advance, at a minimum.

Operators are also required to contact the air traffic control tower no less than one hour prior to flight, in order to assure approval of the operation.

What if I’m Further Away?

If unmanned aircraft are to be operated more than 5 nautical miles from Friedman Memorial Airport, in any direction, there is no requirement to notify the airport. However, courtesy notification in the interest of general safety is appreciated.

For notification and information,
operators should call Airport Operations at (208) 720-5186.


  • Name of operator
  • Operator’s contact phone number
  • UAS registration number
  • Location of operation
  • Date of operation
  • Hours of operation (start and end times)

Operational Requirements

  • Operators will ensure that their aircraft remains clear of any/all manned flights.
  • Operators will maintain line of sight visual contact with their aircraft at all times.
  • Operators will insure that they operate their aircraft at no more than 400′ Above Ground Level (AGL).
  • UAS (e.g., drones, model aircraft) may not be operated within one (1) mile of any Friedman Memorial Airport approach or departure path.
  • Operators will comply with any/all applicable CFRs (Code of Federal Regulations) and registration requirements as well as applicable federal, state and local regulations/ordinances.
  • Operators must seek final clearance to operate from the FMA control tower, one hour prior to flight time.
  • Reasons operations may be denied include (but are not limited to) potential flight hazards due to special use airspace, helicopter operations in the area, or extraordinary traffic conditions.

FAA Phone App

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