Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting

arff-logoFriedman Memorial Airport is currently an ARFF Index B airport

Aircraft Rescue Firefighting is a very specialized component of the Fire Service.

It involves training, equipping and response specific to all types of aircraft and aviation-related emergencies. Training, staffing and equipment are in place to provide hazard mitigation, fire suppression, evacuation and potential rescue of passengers and crew of any aircraft involved in an emergency at or in proximity to Friedman Memorial Airport.

Friedman Memorial Airport utilizes one E-One Titan, 1500 Gallon ARFF vehicle and oneOshkosh P-19 1000 Gallon ARFF vehicle.

ARFF is staffed at Friedman Memorial Airport from 7:00 am (lcl) to 11:00 pm (lcl).

For emergencies at other times, call 911. Friedman Memorial Airport is also supported by Hailey Fire Department, Wood River Fire Rescue and Bellevue Fire Department.

Airfield Operations & Emergency Services

1616 Airport Circle
Hailey, ID 83333
208.788.4956 x105

ARFF / Ops Training Officer

1616 Airport Circle
Hailey, ID 83333
208.788.4956 x161