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Pilot Information

Noise Abatement

View or Download the SUN voluntary noise abatement procedure

Recommended Landing Procedure

Avoid landing from the north over the City of Hailey

Noise abatement + landing procedures

In response to local community concerns, Friedman Memorial Airport has a voluntary noise abatement program. The program is applicable to all types of aircraft. Please note that compliance with our voluntary noise abatement program is dependent on weather, Air Traffic Control instructions, aircraft performance capabilities, and pilot experience and familiarity with our airport. Safety should always take priority.

Alternate Landing Area:

For authorization to use the Alternate Landing Area (ALA), please visit the ALA Requirement page.

SUN VRF Climb Procedure

When the weather is VFR, pilots have the option of requesting a VFR climb to an altitude below FL180 to help expedite departure releases and alleviate delays. This can be especially effective when a departure queue has formed, and VFR climb procedures can be used to clear departures with minimal waiting between departures. Please review the attached graphical depiction and reminders of VFR climb procedures below.

If you are planning to ask for a VFR climb from the tower, you can expect instructions to stay on the west side of the valley. If you plan any eastbound turns, keep in mind the location of the final approach path and profile for Runway 31 that extends south of the airport and be mindful of all SUN Tower instructions and advisories (see attached graphic).

When the ARTCC is holding inbound aircraft, you may be advised of holding pattern location as you depart. It is better for all if VFR departures can avoid climbing through the holding pattern.

KSUN Airport Diagram

KSUN Diagram Area Hot Spots

Pilot information for KSUN

  • RUNWAY 13/31: Asphalt, grooved, in good condition.
    **For more detailed information on Runway 13/31 please view the FAA Airport Facility Directory.
  • TOWER OPERATION HOURS: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM Mountain Standard Time
  • ATIS: 128.225   208.788.2108
  • AWOS: 128.225   877-788-2967   208-788-9213
  • COMMUNICATION: WX 128.225T; Ground 121.7; CTAF 125.6;
  • FREQUENCIES: UNICOM 122.95; Tower 125.6
  • LIGHTS: Actvt HIRL Ry 13/31 – CTAF When ATCT clsd. PAPI Ry 31 Oper 24 Hrs.
  • NAVAIDS: NDB/DME Freq. – 220.0; Radial – 332; Dist. 11 nm
    • Single Wheel – 65,000 lbs.
    • Dual Wheel – 95,000 lbs.
    • Two Dual Wheels in Tandem – 150,000 lbs.


  • Apu Operation Limited to 30 Mins Without Exception
  • Bird Activity SE End Ry 31
  • Not Rcmdd for Night Use or in Marginal Weather by Unfamiliar Pilots Due to Mountainous Terrain
  • Afld Sfc Conditions Not Monitored between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM

**For all Notes/Remarks please view the FAA Airport Facility Directory.

For more information on self-service fueling at Friedman Memorial Airport, please contact the Fixed Based Operator, Atlantic Aviation.

Noise Abatement Procedures
Aviation Weather

Deputy Director Operations & Maintenance

1616 Airport Circle
Hailey, ID 83333
208.788.4956 x105

The Airfield Operations & Emergency Services assures compliance with FAA airport certification mandates which govern airports served by commercial air carriers. The FAA conducts an annual inspection to ensure compliance with federal certification requirements. Operations is also responsible for emergency planning and response, including Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) services and other safety requirements. Operations also regularly maintain all airport facilities and operations equipment. It seeks to minimize any adverse impact of aircraft noise on the surrounding community through pilot education and other noise abatement programs.