TSA and CDC updates— November 2022

TSA and CDC updates— November 2022 TSA  With the digital driver’s license becoming more popular in many DMVs across the country, TSA is also embracing the Credential Authentication Technology reader which allows passengers to simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch at the travel document checking podium. A TSA officer will verify identity and flight […]

Top 5 most produced commercial aircraft

Top 5 most produced commercial aircraft During the last 90 years, thousands of commercial aircraft were manufactured- the bulk of which occurred after WWII. In celebration of National Aviation month, here is a look at the top five most-produced commercial aircraft in aviation history.  Douglas DC-3  First introduced in 1939, the Douglas DC-3 would become […]

Holiday travel made easy!

Holiday travel made easy! Holiday travel can be a bit overwhelming. Bulky clothing, fragile gifts, snow sports equipment… All of it can take up quite a bit of space! Here are a few tips if you are traveling during the busy holiday season.  Skis/snowboards/boots Some airlines count a ski bag and boot bag as one […]

Airline updates— November 2022

Airline Updates— November 2022 Alaska Alaska Airlines’ Fly for All, is an app for families who fly. Designed for first-time flyers, kids traveling alone as unaccompanied minors, or guests with cognitive and developmental disabilities including autism. The Fly for All app helps take the anxiety out of air travel by walking them through the steps […]

CDC + TSA updates – October 2022

TSA + CDC updates – October 2022 Hurricanes, COVID-19, Monkey pox, -along with other travel advisories can be found at: Travelers’ Health | CDC For COVID-19 travel requirements and the Real ID documents currently required please visit: Transportation Security Administration   Archive Posts:

Airline News – October 2022

Airline news – October 2022 Looking to trim the fat this Thanksgiving? Well maybe not with the gravy and stuffing -but how about with those airline tickets? Here are some helpful tips when flying this holiday season. If a turkey could fly he would do it when no one was looking…especially on Thanksgiving. Fly when […]

Local events – October 2022

Local events – October 2022 It can be a slower time in the Valley during October but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do. Check out these suggestions/links for some great fall activities.  Head north and check out the fall colors! Just a short way past Ketchum you may still be able to catch […]

Pro Travel Tips – October 2022

Pro travel tips – October 2022 Workcations- combining work with a vacation. By being realistic about the situation and with a little planning, you can have the best of both worlds. Here are some helpful tips when working and playing mingle productively. Always set intentions with your employer first. Hours, security/login protocols, availability, etc. *Don’t […]

Air Force One

Air Force One With his outgoing nature, it isn’t surprising President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, was the first president to use an airplane for travel, he had an incredibly adventurous spirit. In 1910 at a county fair in St. Louis, Mo., Roosevelt took to the skies as a passenger in an early Wright Flyer. While he […]


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