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Pre-travel checklist

In addition to lists reminding you what to pack, how about another? A pre-travel checklist. Yes, the things you need to remember BEFORE you travel. 

Your home:

  • Security
    • Let your security company know if you have an alarm system.
    • Make sure outdoor sheds, doors to garages, and windows are locked.
    • Set a timer for lights.
    • Close curtains/blinds.
    • Stop mail or arrange for it and other deliveries to be picked up.
    • Make arrangements for the garbage to be taken out/brought back in.
    • Notify a trusted neighbor/friend.
  • Housekeeping
    • Clean out the refrigerator and check the pantry for items that can spoil.
    • Take out all trash.
    • Check to make sure clothes weren’t left in the washer.
    • Water plants.
  • Just in case
    • Unplug appliances, computers, etc.
    • Consider turning off or down the temperature on your water heater.
    • Open up cabinets under sinks if you plan to be away during an especially cold time.
    • Program thermostats if possible.

For the trip:

  • Contact
    • Credit card companies to let them know where you are going- same with cell phone providers depending on your plan.
    • Your pharmacy for any prescriptions you may need.
    • A pet sitter, house sitter, etc.
    • Arrange for transportation to the airport.
    • Use a mobile app to check in for your trip.
  • In possession
    • Check your passport expiration date.
    • Print or take pictures of all necessary travel documents-including your driver’s license, credit cards, etc.
    • Some cash- small bills are best.
    • Travel insurance.
    • Fully charged electronics.
    • Useful travel apps.
    • Appropriately tagged luggage that is also free from damage. Be sure it meets the size and weight restrictions.
    • Understand the travel requirements for your destination- vaccinations, visas, etc.
  • Traveling with packages
    • Have a gift-wrapping plan ahead of time. It might be in your best interest to leave the wrapping for when you arrive. Wrapped packages can go into your checked luggage. However, they are subject to being unwrapped by security at any time. Gift bags are always another easy option for gift-giving when traveling. 
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