New seasonal food items and gift ideas!

Airline News Alaska  Alaska is offering more gluten-free options than ever. Half of all meals in First Class are gluten-free. First up, the Brusselin’ Vegan Salad, developed in partnership with the west coast-based company, Evergreens. Next, the West Coast Muffuletta sandwich is served on a sesame-crusted ciabatta roll with yummy ingredients like cured ham, prosciutto, […]

Airline updates— November 2022

Airline Updates— November 2022 Alaska Alaska Airlines’ Fly for All, is an app for families who fly. Designed for first-time flyers, kids traveling alone as unaccompanied minors, or guests with cognitive and developmental disabilities including autism. The Fly for All app helps take the anxiety out of air travel by walking them through the steps […]

Airline News – October 2022

Airline news – October 2022 Looking to trim the fat this Thanksgiving? Well maybe not with the gravy and stuffing -but how about with those airline tickets? Here are some helpful tips when flying this holiday season. If a turkey could fly he would do it when no one was looking…especially on Thanksgiving. Fly when […]

Airline news- Sept. 2022

Airline News – Business class Business class passengers’ requests are answered as companies take to the skies once more.  Alaska With Alaska’s EasyBiz®, travel planners have tools at hand to expedite the purchase process. Program benefits include- storing credit card information, creating traveler profiles for future reference, and granting others the ability to book tickets. […]

Electronic bag tags

Airline News Alaska has announced they are the first U.S. airline to launch an electronic bag tag program.  Later this year, more than 2,000 Alaska Airlines frequent fliers will begin using the electronic bag tags with an option for Mileage Plan members to purchase the devices early next year.  The airline estimates the program will […]

Summer food refresh

Airline News As more passengers take to the skies once more, new snacks, beverages, and menu items are also on the scene. With airlines thoughtfully choosing companies with purpose, diversity, and fresh ingredients, customers can enjoy getting back to their travels and receiving quality items from incredible businesses.  Alaska Airlines chooses products with meaning and […]

Airline lounges offer amenities for business travelers and those on long flights or an extended layover

Airline News Countless airlines offer memberships to their exclusive lounges at thousands of locations. Just some of the services offered in airport lounges include- a quiet environment, meeting rooms, wireless internet, free drinks, snacks, magazines, showers, and better access to customer service representatives.  If you are interested in learning more about memberships, day passes, or […]

Airline News

Airline News In response to a projected pilot shortage in the future, airlines are providing opportunities to prospective pilots. Thanks to changes and improvements to existing programs, more people are realizing their dream of becoming an airline pilot. Alaska Earlier this year, Alaska Airlines announced it is partnering with Horizon Air and teaming up with […]

Airport maps- a lifesaver

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