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Airline News

Alaska has announced they are the first U.S. airline to launch an electronic bag tag program

Later this year, more than 2,000 Alaska Airlines frequent fliers will begin using the electronic bag tags with an option for Mileage Plan members to purchase the devices early next year. 

The airline estimates the program will reduce the time of traditional checked luggage by 40 percent. Instead of waiting to print bag tags, travelers will be able to activate the devices from any location 24 hours before their flight through the Alaska Airlines mobile app

By simply touching the phone to the bag tag, the activation is complete, displaying the guests’ flight information on the e-paper bag tag screen. To learn more about the program, visit Alaska Airlines news.

For information on current baggage-tracking devices for Delta Air Lines and United Airlines please visit the following links:

Delta’s guest tracking is available through the website and the mobile app.

Delta’s luggage program

Delta’s mobile app for bag tracking

United’s guest tracking is only available through the mobile app.

United’s luggage program

United’s mobile app for bag tracking

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