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Airport maps - a lifesaver

Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional one, knowing your way around an airport is a huge bonus. It not only saves you time and frustration, but it can also point you in the direction of some fantastic local culinary options.

Below are some links to FMA’s airline’s resources for interactive airport maps. Tip- if you are in a time crunch, order ahead at many restaurants for a quick pick-up as you scoot to your next gate. Simply look up the restaurant at the airport and confirm which options (if any) are available. 

Each airline has a unique layout for displaying and accessing airport information. All are fairly consistent in providing information to cash machines, restrooms, restaurants, and even art exhibits. Closures, transportation hubs, lounge locations, and important updates are kept current.


From the website visit Delta airport locations

The Delta app gives customers the ability to access the maps by touching the departure city code from their online boarding pass. Next, select arrival city/my trips/flight status, for more information. 


From the website visit Airports and terminal maps

United app Mobile tools and apps


From the website visit Airport guides

Alaska mobile app Alaska air mobile app