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Congratulations on Delta SkyWest Station of The Year

We would like to take a minute to congratulate our Delta SkyWest team on earning the Station of the Year award for 2019. This is no easy task and we are proud of this crew for working extremely hard to achieve such an award.

We were able to catch up with Becca Lynn of Delta SkyWest to learn more about the station of the year award and what it takes to get there. First and foremost, Becca noted teamwork. In this case, teamwork does make the dream work. Without such a dedicated crew, 39 employees, this team wouldn’t have achieved station of the year. Becca said, whether employees are showing up for 12 hours a week or 40 hours a week, everyone is giving 110% and really works together as a cohesive team. Cohesiveness is key for success.

Becca also noted that Delta SkyWest essentially has an algorithm on metrics to score station success. From agent satisfaction, cabin cleaning, baggage tagging to getting planes out of time, these elements are scored from 0 to 5, with 5 being the top. Delta SkyWest runs all of these numbers through their algorithm to determine which station was top for that year. When Becca began at Delta SkyWest SUN, they were only scoring mid 3’s and in 2019 their final score was a 4.88 out of 5, nearly perfect.

Not only is this a challenge for any station looking to achieve the award, but it’s especially challenging for those in our climate with seasons of big snow fall. Generally speaking, Becca mentioned, warmer airports are the ones that will win this award because they have fewer challenges. The Delta SkyWest crew faced a number of challenges in 2019, including; weather diversions, bussing, unplanned diversions, increased flight activity and truly persevered. Sarah, the GM, has taken on hiring employees that fit with the philosophy, and Becca has been there to support along the way. Without Sarah having boots on the ground daily and really jumping into all tasks, this would not have happened in 2019.

Ultimately Becca emphasized that without their driven team, Sarah being extremely hands on, and support of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority Board and airport management staff, the award would not be at Friedman Memorial Airport. So, thank you to all at Delta SkyWest for your dedication!

Next time you’re at the Delta SkyWest counter be sure to congratulate the crew!

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