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During the holidays, each airport checkpoint feels like a major hurdle. When you finally board and plop down in your seat you half expect someone to be patting you on the back and handing you an award! 

Taking a few minutes to have these items/plans in place before heading to the airport can make your trip much less stressful and even enjoyable! 

*Please check all COVID-19 rules/guidelines in advance. Your departure and arrival destination may have different mandates in place. We recommend you stay informed of any possible updates while traveling. 

  • Weather Apps

A weather App will be helpful during your entire trip. Knowing conditions before you leave for the airport as well as for the duration of your trip helps you to plan accordingly. Here are a few of the top-rated sites that link to android and ios applications:

  • Be consistent where you place/keep your phone, wallet, boarding pass, and ID.
  • Arrive at the airport early- Up to 1hr to 1.5 earlier than you typically would. 
  • Think layers and choose footwear that can be easily slipped on and off. The same goes for any children traveling with you. Wear your bulkiest items to the airport- pack only one coat. 
  • TSA Security Checkpoints 

Have your boarding pass and ID (Drivers License or Passport) ready. 

Remove belts, jackets, shoes. 

Have electronics out of their cases and place them in their own bin. 

Dispose of liquids over 3.4 oz. 

The MyTSA App provides answers to many of your security questions if you are unsure about what is allowed: 

  • Consider Signing up for TSA PreCheck which allows you to skip the traditional screening
  • Skiers/Snowboarders 

You must always check your skis, snowboards, and poles. 

Assume that damage can happen. Check your airline’s requirements for packaging them correctly. 

Considering using your boot bag as your carry-on. 

  • If you need assistance or require any special accommodations, please contact the airline you will be flying with. 

With just a little preparedness, your trip really can feel more like the fun adventure it should be. Happy Travels! 

For more tips, visit TSA’s own holiday travel tips:

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