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Spring into this season’s travel with pro/business travel tips

Professionally speaking, business travelers are dialed in. Ever catch a glimpse of a business person when you are flying? They just appear put together. One bag, dressed professionally … Meanwhile, you’re schlepping a few bags of yours and maybe a child’s. Not entirely sure where your boarding pass is, let alone your gate …

Here are some tips from savvy business travelers that you might be able to adapt and make your very own.



Booking Your Trip

  • Book non-stop flights when possible and book ones that arrive earlier in the day.
  • Sign up for TSA PreCheck and Global entry
  • Scan or take a picture of your driver’s license, passport, and other documents in case you were to lose them
  • Print out your boarding pass if you aren’t using an app, as well as phone numbers stored on your phone in case you were to lose it
  • Use a credit card that gives you rewards that go toward travel purchases-airfare, hotels, and car rentals
  • Use airline and travel apps to help organize your plans and make the most of your trip
  • Consider joining an airport lounge membership
  • Check-in before you arrive online or on your airline’s app

Business Travel Packing Tips

  • An extra outfit is always a good idea in case you have a change of plans. Business travelers also love a portable stain remover. Who hasn’t needed that on occasion?
  • Make sure all of your electronics are charged ahead of time and consider bringing a portable charging device. Remember to bring earbuds and/or earplugs for noise-canceling situations.
  • Pack healthy snacks and bring a water bottle you can use once you arrive
  • Avoid checking luggage and waiting for it at pickup by sticking to carry-on bags when possible. Each airline has restrictions as to carry-on size and personal items so check ahead 
  • When going through baggage check, get behind those business travelers. They get through much quicker than the family with five kids
  • Avoid excess time at security checkpoints by packing lightly and checking your luggage ahead of time for prohibited items. Roll your clothes when packing them to reduce wrinkles
  • Fly on (not around) holidays. Days leading up to major holidays can mean crowded airports, but flying on the actual day (like Christmas) can help you avoid bustling airports and overbooked flights

Business Travel Car & Lodging Tips

  • It’s ok to ask for a rental car or room upgrade. During slow/slack times, you may be able to get a better room at no extra cost 

Business Travel Health Tips

  • Avoid sleep deprivation and the effects of jet lag by taking short naps and keep with your normal sleep schedule. 
  • Stick to a routine like eating at the same time or exercising.
  • And we all know the drill by now- sanitizer, wipes, masks… throw in an immune booster of your choice, and you’re ready to get on with it.