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With changes to safety precautions during COVID-19, many airlines have improved on their receipt of payment for food, beverages, and entertainment. The following outlines the methods offered by airlines at Friedman Memorial and links to their websites for more specific information. 


Reserve your favorite meals before your flight by pre-ordering from the Alaska mobile app or through two weeks to 20 hours before your flight or through the mobile app. Learn more about pre-order and stored credit card payments here.


Customers will be able to purchase earbuds on board using their mobile devices or contactless-enabled credit cards. Contactless payment will expand to all onboard sales as more food and beverage options return to select flights. Learn more here. 


Purchase snacks and drinks on select flights. However, to do this, you need to save a form of payment before you board. You won’t be able to use credit cards while in flight. You can also use the PayPal app on select flights for in-flight purchases. Learn more here.