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We’re kicking off a series of town visits from the airport. This month, we’re talking about what to do in Hailey. Many of Hailey’s attractions are seasonal, but the town’s great restaurants, cozy coffee shops and diverse array of stores are a year-round affair. We’ve taken a minute to compile some suggestions here, but we encourage you to go straight and visit The Chamber for the full scoop.

The Chamber is located on Highway 75, directly across from Airport Way and adjacent to Campion Ice House and the rodeo grounds. In addition to being a fantastic resource for Hailey, The Chamber’s scope now includes the entire Wood River Valley. If you’re looking for upcoming events, things to do, places to eat and more, this should be your first stop. Jeff and his team at The Chamber are full of knowledge about everything that’s happening in and around the area.

If you’d prefer to turn left out of the airport, you’ll quickly find yourself in downtown Hailey. As already mentioned, the seasons play a big role in what’s happening in Hailey. Some of our favorite things to do in summer include hiking Croy Canyon, fishing the Big Wood River and getting out on our bikes and riding the trail through town. Hailey is also home to some great food, for either an elegant night out, or a casual family lunch. You can even start your morning with a fresh cup of coffee and pastry at one of the great coffee shops in town. Visit The Chambers dining directory, here, for your complete food guide!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the many shops around town. From antique stores to clothing boutiques to pet supplies, you can easily spend a day walking the streets and getting some serious retail therapy. Also, be sure to catch the latest movies at the Metropolitan Big Wood 4 Cinemas on North Main Street. Grab a bucket of buttery popcorn and enjoy a show during your trip to the Wood River Valley!