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We are excited to welcome The Coffee House as our newest concessionaire in the SUN airport! We had the pleasure of speaking with Roy, the restaurant’s owner, about his goals, initiatives, and plans for The Coffee House. Needless to say, we had a few takeaways from our recent conversation we’re excited to share what we learned.

The Coffee House

Roy and his family opened The Coffee House on Christmas Eve, 2014, in Hailey. Their mission is to offer a welcoming shop that brings people together to enjoy conversation, coffee, tea, and fabulous food. To this day, they are rooted in this mission and continue to make a positive impact in the community. In addition to welcoming anyone seeking a positive, family-friendly atmosphere, they also give back to those in need.

As Roy and the team begin the process of becoming SUN’s next concessionaire, they’ve got their hands full — between mandatory training sessions, security badging, prepping the space to fit their needs, and collaborating with airport management to create a versatile menu (ideal no matter the time of day) — they’ve already hit the ground running.

The Coffee House currently serves Lizzy’s coffee, a locally roasted coffee, at their location in Hailey. Luckily, they will be bringing the same coffee to the airport. All of their baristas are trained by world-class, licensed baristas of Lizzy’s coffee. So, there’s no doubt that the service and drinks will be superb. The coffee and espressos are top-of-the-line, and they will have alternative milks to fit travelers’ dietary needs.

Furthermore, Roy’s menu will change based on the season and airport demand. However, a few standard breakfast items will include home-baked muffins (with gluten-free and vegan options), specialty breads, breakfast melts, quiches, and grab-and-go options. For lunch, expect paninis, soups, and pre-made sandwiches at the front of the line. They’ll also serve convenient protein options for those needing a quick option, along with a variety of chips, candy, and drinks.

As Roy and his crew become comfortable with their day-to-day tasks in the airport, they’ll slowly begin expanding their offerings. A few items they’re hoping to add are ice cream, breakfast burritos, and various bread alternatives. Roy talked in depth about the fact that all of their food is made in house, and non-pastry items are made to order. This ensures a delicious, customized dining experience, as well as undeniably fresh options. You’ll also notice, in time, the addition of magazine, newspapers, souvenirs, and small travel needs.

We can’t wait for Roy and his team to open The Coffee House! Their homemade food and cozy atmosphere will leave a lasting impression on travelers. We hope you enjoy our experience.

Safe travels.