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A big reminder that the new airport entrance is at the NORTH END of the airport just south of St. Luke’s Medical Clinic on Airport Circle (see graphic below). We do have digital signage to assist you, please keep your eyes open for the signage.

Also, the upper parking lot is re-striped with the new configuration (parking rows run east to west).

Also, you will notice that there is still some work taking place in the lot including our ADA ramp from the lower lot. We also have temporary signage in place as the permanent signage is unfortunately delayed. Upon exit, you will see that we are set up to have dual exit lanes, however this is not in operation yet as the new equipment has also been delayed. You’ll flow through a single exit lane for the time being.

As we anticipate a busy weekend around the airport, please continue to be cognizant of the changes.

If you have any special needs or questions, please reach out to one of our parking lot management ambassadors from The Car Park, and they’ll assist in any way possible upon arrival at the airport.

Thank you for your patience throughout the project and thank you for flying SUN!