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You’ve probably noticed the new parking lot ambassador program implemented at our Airport. As this program has been phased in, there have been several questions about the role of our ambassadors. Our ambassadors have been hired by The Car Park, at the airport’s request, to help implement structure within the parking lot. As such, our ambassadors are an extension of our staff. 

Initially, our ambassadors have been tasked with more proactive parking lot management, including general assistance to our customers, education about our new lot configuration, helping to ensure safety, keep traffic flowing, and preventing vehicles from parking where they shouldn’t. The goal is to evolve the ambassador program from an enforcement/public education role, to one that is more hands-on in providing assistance for our customers – this transition will take time. Your support and understanding will help us get to this level faster. If you see an ambassador on the sidewalk or in the lot, say hello! If they ask you to move your vehicle, please understand that they are trying to do their best to make everyone’s overall experience more pleasant and efficient.