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A few weeks back, we were able to sit down with April before kicking off her going away party. For nearly 11 years, April was major asset to the airport. During her stint with us, she became extremely multitalented — her responsibilities grew exponentially, and her day-to-day workload was completed with what seemed to be, ease.

Without a doubt, it feels like it’s going to take an army to replace her (and her accomplishments). While we are heartbroken to see her go, we are excited for her future. During her time at the airport, we encouraged her to pursue higher education and a degree that intrigued her. April completed school with an accounting degree and recently passed her last CPA exam, hence the transition. We wish her the best as April takes her talents to Deagle and Ames CPA Firm in Twin Falls.

One of the things we will miss the most about April is her resilience. For example, during her employment, she commuted all of the way from Twin Falls. For those who aren’t familiar with the area, that’s nearly an hour and half long drive — one way — in good weather. That is quite the haul! Additionally, within her 11 years at the airport, April had three children, all of which came to work with her during their first year. Truly, April became family to us.

Unquestionably dedicated to her job, April hardly missed a board meeting. That’s impressive, considering we have 12 board meetings a year. As she took on tasks, whether that be greeting someone with a genuine smile as they walked through the door or meeting with the finance committee, she was always upbeat, positive, determined, and ready to conquer the next task with joy. Again, we are sad to see her go, but happy for her career growth.

April, you’ll be greatly missed! We hope you come back and visit us soon. All the best.