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Last month, we posted a story about our operations here at SUN — notably, our one-lane TSA checkpoint and hybrid TSA PreCheck. In that story, I mentioned our continued efforts to make improvements to the screening process in light of our increased flights and passenger demand.


Here at SUN, we experience a higher-than-your-average airport percentage of PreCheck travelers. Many of you have requested better accommodations as TSA PreCheck customers, and your requests have not gone unheard. I have some good news to report! The TSA has approved a pilot program to start a preliminary level of true PreCheck operations at SUN.

Here is what you can expect this winter and next summer: In coordination with the airlines — and based on flight schedules — TSA will switch the checkpoint over to designated PreCheck passengers for 15-minute increments. The number of PreCheck passengers that move through the checkpoint vs. non-PreCheck passengers is quite amazing, and this new process should significantly help with crunch-time demand.

Now, there are still some details to be hammered out and training to be done…but, don’t be surprised to see this new procedure implemented in the next couple of weeks. Like with any new program, kinks will be ironed out along the way. All of that said, we are confident that this new process will help address your requests and make the screening process better for everyone.

Expect more information to come from the TSA, the airport, and Fly Sun Valley Alliance as this pilot program takes shape.

Wishing all of you a happy holiday season, and a happy, healthy 2019.


SUN Airport Manager