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With the government shutdown still on going, I’m frequently asked how the shutdown is affecting operations at the airport? At this point, we are operating without any interruptions. As it stands right now, our air traffic controllers are funded through March. Our TSA Security Officers continue to show their dedication, working without pay helping to ensure our air service remains uninterrupted. Airport staff and the Airport Board appreciate their dedication. If you are flying through SUN during this shutdown, I think they would appreciate a thank you from you as well. Also, a big thank you to all the members of the community, showing support to our TSA staff, through your generous donations of food, and grocery gift card deliveries. I know they all appreciate it very much.

Hard to believe we are in 2019 and January is almost in the books. 2018 was a busy year at the airport. Among the highlights were the completion of our air carrier apron and parking lot project, and a busy summer of activity. August 2018 was our busiest month in airport history for airline passenger traffic.

Looking ahead, all indications point toward another busy 2019. We continue to look at options to expand our terminal security checkpoint and departure lobby, to meet the increased demand. Also high on my list, is a continued effort to improve instrument approach capabilities with the goal of reducing diversions. Lastly, I fully admit that the signage at the airport entrance leaves little to be desired… I am actively working with the City of Hailey to design, site, and install a nice, obvious, professional airport entrance sign – hopefully by this summer.

As we move into this next year, Airport staff and the Airport Board want to say, thank you, to all of you, for a successful 2018 at the airport. From our airline passengers, our General Aviation visitors, and all our tenants, it takes a team effort to be successful. Rest assured, staff and the Board will continue to work hard to keep improving facilities so you have a good experience here at SUN.



SUN Airport Manager

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