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I recall several people telling me, during and after, my first winter as Airport Manager in 2016/2017, “don’t worry, this is not normal, you won’t see snow like this again for another ten years…” Oh, really? The joke around the office is, I am like  Charles Shultz’s Peanuts character, “Pigpen”, with the constant cloud hanging over his head when it comes to weather. No kidding, I traveled to Nashville for a work meeting a few weeks and ago, and it was 75° the day I arrived. While I was still there, a cold front blew in and two days later, the high temperature was 38° with rain…

In all seriousness, like the rest of the community, we have had our hands full with snow removal at the airport. Considering the record February snow, I can’t say enough about how well our snow removal crews have done in keeping the airport operational during these very challenging conditions. The Board and I are very proud of Todd, our Airfield Operations & Emergency Services head,  and his team. While we are not out of the woods yet, spring is, thankfully, right around the corner. I will continue to work with the Board to build up our snow removal equipment fleet and people power during the winter, to keep moving forward. And yes, our efforts will continue to include studying options for instrument approach improvements.

Lastly, on behalf of the local and regional TSA staff, I’m sending out a, thank you to the community for your support during the government shut down. The generous offers of food, other support, and words of encouragement, meant a lot to all of them.

Here’s to hoping spring “springs” upon us soon in a nice, even keel melt off.  I’m looking forward to some good fly fishing this summer.

Enjoy spring break.



SUN Airport Manager