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Congratulations! You have arrived at the airport at the destination of your winter vacay. Time to pick up the rental car and begin the final leg of your journey. 

As eager as you are to get on with it, traveling during the winter season presents a few safety measures to consider while driving a rental car. Here are a few practical tips.

Four-wheel drive rental cars are usually available in colder climate locations, so upgrade if you haven’t already. Most should come with the basics- ice scraper, snow brush, etc. It’s also not a bad idea to download some weather and road condition apps: FEMA:  FEMA Mobile App and Text Messages and ID 511: are just a couple to consider.

When traveling about, be dressed for the outdoor conditions- a few layers and proper footwear are always a good call. And keep a portable phone charger handy just in case you need to call for roadside assistance.

Experts advise keeping your fuel tank more than half full, allowing for generous distances between vehicles, as well as not using cruise control. Freezing locks are mostly a thing of the past (thanks to key fobs) but if you happen to have a metal locking mechanism that ices over, do not use water. It’s best to call your rental company’s assistance number to see what they recommend. 

Whether you are a seasoned winter driver or new to the scene, a few common-sense steps will have you feeling more confident while on the road. Happy travels!