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Fortunately, technology has been a life-saver during this pandemic. From keeping us entertained to allowing us to work from home. And with more people beginning to travel again, airlines are continuing to make the experience safer and more convenient -now and into the future. 

Alaska Airlines

The Alaska mobile app allows customers to generate a mobile boarding pass which can be scanned from a distance of up to six feet. The app allows passengers to check delays and arrivals, print baggage tags, and purchase food and beverages onboard using a stored payment preference. Coming soon- passengers will have the ability to pre-order meals on participating flights. To learn more about current food and beverage options visit: main cabin food and drinks

Delta Airlines

Delta already offers touchless check-in and lavatories, and most recently began testing digital seatback menus, which can reduce waste, and allow flight attendants to connect with customers more safely. Contactless payment for onboard purchases is now available through Delta’s app. Passengers that have enabled their mobile devices with a credit card, will be able to purchase earbuds, as well as food and beverages once available. To see Delta’s current food and beverage offerings visit: onboard dining

United Airlines

By using the United App, you can check-in, and pay for bags if necessary. Once you arrive at the airport with your boarding pass on your mobile device or a copy you printed at home, simply follow the directions at the kiosk. Luggage tags will automatically print for each name associated with the boarding pass. If you don’t have bags or will travel with approved carry-on items, simply proceed to the security check-in with your boarding pass. As of this newsletter, United continues to serve covered and/or pre-packaged foods and sealed beverages. The airline has streamlined its food services to decrease physical touchpoints. To learn more about United’s menu options visit: inflight dining.

It’s worth mentioning that while airlines continue to cater to mobile devices, most of these services are also available through their websites via your home computer.