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Professional globe-trotters have packing down to a science. Perhaps you can adopt some of their methods for your next week-long trip.

  • Pack for three days worth of clothes and limit shoes- bring two pairs max. Think light hiker or a sneaker and maybe some flip flops/other slip-ons. A coat and swimsuit are also priorities.
  • Bring travel-size items only. Only bring the absolute essentials. Purchase just-in-case items when you arrive.
  • Don’t rush. Pack a week ahead of time if possible. Re-pack a day or two before your trip. Travelers tend to overpack when rushed.
  • The right type of pack or stuff sack is important. The bigger it is, the more likely it is to overpack. Select a size and challenge yourself to stick to it. No checked bag fees and not being unencumbered with lugging around a large suitcase is good motivation.
  • Electronic essentials, passport, sunscreen, and mini first-aid kits are also worth considering.
  • Resist the urge to purchase gifts and mementos. If you really must have something, consider shipping it home.