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The struggle can be real when trying to get into a highly recommended restaurant in a tourist town. Here are some tips when dining at your favorite tourist destination.

  • Plan ahead – make this part of the trip planning when you make travel arrangements. Make the reservation now!
  • Get on a list for cancellations. 
  • If it’s just for one or two of you, bar seats and walk-in seating can usually accommodate you- or at the least have a shorter wait time.
  • Friday and Saturday nights book up quickly. Can you change your day, eat later or earlier than you prefer? Having some flexibility might open up some alternatives.
  • Branch out. Always go to the same places? Sometimes the lesser talked about locations are locals’ favorites.
  • Check with hotel staff and other local experts. 
  • Even food trucks can be a surprising change for a quick bite to sample some local flavors.
  • If it’s during the summer/early fall timeframe, check out local farmer’s markets. If you are staying in a place where you can prepare your own dish it’s a great way to support your local growers and get a taste for the area. Unable to cook? Grab-and-go fruits, veggies, and other locally prepared snacks and bakery items are perfect ways to sample locally grown items.
  • Please remember to cancel your reservation if your plans change.

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