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Haunted houses are one thing, but did you know there are airports around the globe considered to be inhabited by travelers of the supernatural kind? 

Heathrow -London, England

Three ghosts are said to occupy this expansive airport. One is a spirit that appeared following a crash in 1948. This gentleman’s spirit is allegedly still searching for his briefcase. Another seems to have taken a liking to the VIP lounges (who can blame them). Lastly, legend has it the third occupant is Dick Turpin. A thief, caught and sentenced to death in 1739. Apparently, he roamed the grounds prior to the airport being built. Travelers claim he often approaches from the back, leaving a feeling of hot breath on your neck- yikes!

Denver International-Denver, Colo.

Built atop a Native American burial ground in 1995, the rumors abound. During construction, the site was plagued with mishaps, injuries, and deaths. The artwork alone has an undeniable creepiness. That aside, the airport’s PR team has been known to embrace its quirkiness, at times displaying exhibits around Halloween of spooky and supernatural hotspots around the state of Colorado. 

Suvarnabhumi – Bangkok, Thailand

This airport is considered to be one of the most heavily haunted spots in Thailand. Only in operation since 2006, it boasts ghost sightings and other mishaps believed to be the work of malicious forces. It is built on an ancient burial site known as cobra swamp! After nearly 100 fatalities occurred during its construction, Buddhist monks performed an elaborate exorcism. 

Daniel K. Inouye International – Honolulu, Hawaii

The Lady in Waiting is a blonde woman (apparently in spirit) who has been spotted all over the airport. Apparently, after the man who promised to marry her left on a flight, the distraught woman took her life. Along with this sad spirit are other hauntings. Causing everything from technical issues to reports of people feeling like someone is sitting on their chest along with a choking sensation.

Islamabad – Pakistan

Construction reportedly took so long at this airport (more than a decade) because of the misbehaving ghosts on the site. A feeling of heavy energy tends to make people uncomfortable, especially at night, with reports of pressure in the chest area.