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Curious what the pros pack? Pilots and flight attendants around the globe have their favorite go-to items. Here are some top picks (beyond your ID and passport) you will want to be sure and include.

Staying hydrated and healthy is a top priority these days. With the possibility of flight delays and limited food options aboard aircraft, being prepared is important. Protein bars and other non-perishable snacks, along with a reusable container for fluids are easy to pack. Hand sanitizer/wipes are especially useful. And the pros claim the dry air aboard flights really takes its toll so lip balm is a must.

For a better travel experience, don’t forget portable chargers, universal adapters, flight apps (all airlines have them now), and backup cash. You never know when a bank card might malfunction, become lost, or stolen. All pros agree- roll your clothing for more space and fewer wrinkles.

Final tips? Arrive early, know the latest TSA guidelines and wear your mask. They also suggest TSA PreCheck or the CLEAR travel program for easier check-point processing. Above all, have patience with yourself and others. Remember, these are trying times for everyone.