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No, you don’t need it                                                                   

Some people are inclined to fill every space of their suitcase with items they feel they need in order to have a good vacation. Or they fall into the just-in-case trap. Here are some tips for bringing what you need and leaving the rest at home.

Hotels and even some vacation rentals will provide commonly used toiletries, hairdryers, and laundering services. Many hotels also provide products you may not know about – just ask. Razors, deodorant, and sewing kits are often provided free of charge.

Reading material

Download it to an electronic device. Magazines, books, and even movies can be a click away. No need to cram heavy books, magazines, and DVDs into your luggage. 


Most people only end up wearing half of what they pack. Remember, you don’t need a new outfit and shoes every day. Choose pieces that can be mixed and matched. Consider hand-washing. Some people even choose to purchase from thrift stores once they arrive at their destination. Before leaving, they donate clothes they no longer want.


Consider only bringing a few staples- not your entire collection. Some kits now do double duty- act as lipstick and blush, and many contain sunscreen and are waterproof. Also, look for travel and sample sizes of your favorite products.


Traveling with valuables can make you a target for theft. It also increases the risk of misplacing/losing items. The same goes for expensive eyewear and other accessories. Just leave the bling behind.

And as most travelers know- purchase items like sunscreen, bug spray, and extra snacks once you arrive at your location. No need to worry about having everything you need the moment you arrive.

With a little planning, you can have a vacation free of cumbersome bags bursting at the seams.

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