Airport Master Plan Updates

In 2014 the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority, operators of FMA, along with the FAA ADO in Helena, Montana, started a planning process to develop a master plan for the future development of Friedman Memorial Airport. The Draft MPU is being developed through an extensive public outreach process and detailed background research and analysis by the consultant team Mead & Hunt. Public feedback is encouraged on every chapter of the Draft MPU.

The Project Elements for this project are as follows:

  1. Study Design
  2. Project Management, Coordination, Communication
  3. Public Information, Education, and Outreach
  4. Data Collection / Inventory
  5. Projections of Aviation Demand
  6. Demand Capacity Analysis
  7. Facility Requirements
  8. Alternatives Analysis
  9. Environmental Overview and Land Use Plan
  10. Financial Feasibility Analysis
  11. Airport Layout Plan Update
  12. Master Plan Approval Process
  13. Documentation

Draft chapters of the MPU are available to download in PDF format below and an online public comment form is also available by clicking the PUBLIC COMMENT button above. Click here to view comments that have been received and processed to date.

Master Plan Update Chapters

Public Comment Form

The FMAA welcomes public comment and feedback on the Master Plan Update process. You can submit your comments by filling out the form below. All comments submitted will be posted on this website after Airport Staff and FMAA review for the viewing of interested members of the public. Click Here to view comments that have been received and processed to date. ALL ITEMS MUST BE FILLED-IN FOR PROCESSING.