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Results of recent changes in runway approaches and ceiling minimums.

Wow, it seems busy over there at FMA.
You’ve got that right. Our crew has been stepping up to the plate. With accessibility comes responsibility. With the new minimums developed by the FAA coupled with proprietary approach technology, a lot of flights that won’t be diverted due to weather and FMA is required to keep our community airport open. We’re doing just that!

Todd Emerick, Airport Operations Manager, and his crews have been evaluating the airports snow removal program and adjusting their operational efforts to improve snow removal efficiency to keep planes coming and going.

Why are we still busing on sunny days?
Not all planes and pilots have the same equipment, training, and/or allowable weather minimums. It seems with recent news of drastic changes we all thought we’d never see another bus. Well, safety always wins and Mother Nature will throw forecasters and planners a curve ball on occasion. (see our response to “The Curious Incident of Blue-Sky Busing” below for more.) The net result is that changes are definitely improving reliability and accessibility.