What Was That Unusually Loud Jet Noise?

Loud Jet Noise

We know many of you heard it. We received many calls about it -some general inquiries, some complaints, and some letting us know how cool it was. Over the weekend, we had a Navy F-18 Super Hornet come to the airport. The aircraft arrived Thursday evening around 7 p.m. and departed Sunday afternoon around 4 […]

NEW Tools Coming to SUN Security!

On your next trip through the Friedman Memorial Airport security checkpoint you will see a major enhancement to the passenger security screening process. The ProVision 2 was operational and available for passenger use on April 26, 2017. Initial feedback form passengers and TSA staff has been positive. The Provision 2 will enhance security and provide […]

The E-175 is Coming to SUN!

You’ve probably heard the exciting news that United will be starting service with the Embraer E175 at SUN on June 30. Before that service begins however, Skywest (who proudly operates for United and Delta) is scheduled to return for follow-up testing and flight crew training of the E175 May 24 – 25. This next round […]

Runway Approaches

Results of recent changes in runway approaches and ceiling minimums. [...]