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Q. Why doesn’t SUN have TSA “Pre-Check” in place?

This is a question the TSA, airlines, and the airport get asked frequently.

The answer is, at single lane checkpoints like the one we have here at SUN, a dedicated TSA Pre-check lane is not possible.  Instead, what we have at SUN is a “hybrid” Pre-check set-up where Pre-check passengers get “expedited” screening.

What that means is, passengers enjoy certain advantages of Pre-check like leaving on their shoes, belts, and some jackets.  Most Pre-check passengers think that leaving shoes on is the main/best benefit of being a member.  However, all passengers will still need to remove certain items such as large electronics, liquids and gels, etc. from carry-on bags before they go through the x-ray machine.

We do realize at SUN we have a high percentage of pre-check passengers who frequent our airport. We are working together to consider options for improvements to our terminal, equipment, and processes. In the meantime, we ask for everyone’s assistance and cooperation in removing laptops and liquids from their carry-on bags BEFORE screening to help keep the process moving as quick as possible, saving time for everyone.