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Earth Day
Environmental Efforts


At the beginning of 2022, Delta Air Lines announced many of its onboard products were receiving an eco-friendly overhaul. 

Blankets now made from plastic bottles, premium canned wine, and reusable and biodegradable service ware are among the items replaced. Delta is most proud, however, of its artisan-made amenity kits. The update to the kits -is supplied by the “Someone Somewhere” apparel brand, a mostly minority, women-owned business. In all, the company estimates its plastic consumption reduction will be almost 5 million pounds per year. Learn more at Delta introduces artisan-made amenity kits from Mexican apparel brand Someone Somewhere 


While United Airlines was the first to partner with “Clean the World”,- in recent years the airline has switched its focus to sustainable fuel efforts. You can learn more at  eco-skies commitment to the environment and United makes bold environmental commitment.


At the end of 2021, Alaska Airlines announced its initiative to replace its largest source of plastic waste- water bottles and water cups with boxed water cartons and recyclable paper cups. This effort is estimated to remove 1.8 million pounds of single-use plastics per year. 

For now, the airline states plastic cups will remain for inflight soda and alcoholic beverages because they tend to leak through paper cups. Their team continues to explore alternatives for those beverages. For more, visit Boxed Water and paper cups are in, 1.8M pounds of plastics are out.

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