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Packing for wet, rainy destinations

There is always the possibility of more precipitation in the forecast if you are traveling during the spring months. Here are some helpful tips to keep you dry and comfortable.

While certain clothing can keep you from getting soaking wet, your suitcase is another matter. If possible, choose a hard-sided type for wetter climates. Be prepared to deal with wet footwear and clothing items. Bring along waterproof bags to store them in. This will protect the rest of your clothing from becoming damp, muddy, etc.  

If space is tight, skip the umbrella and choose a raincoat with a hood.  If you bring one choose a compact, lightweight, yet durable type. It should be able to withstand high winds. 

Jeans are not the best choice – water repellant or water-resistant pants are optimal. Leggings also dry quickly. And it applies to all clothing- choose lightweight items that can air dry.

While it takes up the most space, footwear is an item you can’t skip. In wetter climates you need traction, and shoes you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. Hiking boots, old sneakers, water sandals, etc. Cold wet feet can make for a miserable time so don’t forget a few extra socks. 

Bonus item- if you have the space, include a quick-drying towel. No matter where your adventures take you, even a small towel can be super handy.