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Airlines announce Wi-Fi upgrades with fixed pricing plans


Delta plans to outfit nearly all its domestic mainline aircraft with high-speed Wi-Fi by the end of this year. The Airline will be providing a faster and more reliable service than previous technology. By investing in more reliable service, customers with the new Viasat connectivity can expect to have twice the speeds experienced a few years ago. The current price for the service is $5. Learn how to connect and about the free messaging service here. 


United has announced their lower pricing for Wi-Fi domestic and short-haul international routes. MileagePlus members can now pay $8 and non-members $10 for Wi-Fi connectivity. This flat rate fee replaces the previous variable structure. When booking flights customers can also choose the new day pass option providing a Wi-Fi connection when you get to your seat. Also, customers can now enjoy free messaging on internet-based chat platforms. Learn more about the new pricing structure, free messaging, and the day pass option here


Alaska announced an $8 flat rate for Wi-Fi service on their mainline aircraft with satellite-enabled connectivity. In partnership with Intelsat, guests will experience better reliability and faster connections. The airline is claiming the web portal now loads 50% faster with connection speeds and 20 times faster than their previous Wi-Fi system. Learn more about Alaska’s new Wi-Fi rates, technology, and even their new menu items here. 

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