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Airline News

From fussy babies to tantrum-throwing toddlers, the smaller people sometimes have a tough time coping on flights- no matter the duration. If your summer travel includes flying with little ones, here are some tips to help them (parents and passengers too!) cope.

Other passengers

You just took your seat for a 6-hour flight and can’t help but notice you are surrounded by very young children. Visions of crying, seat kicking, and motion sickness flash before you. Here are some options for the weary traveler.

  • Ask to change seats.
  • Come prepared with earplugs/noise-canceling earphones. An eye mask and travel pillow will also help you to relax.
  • Listen to music/watch a movie. Even white noise or instrumental tunes can be soothing.
  • Kindly let the child/parents know if seat kicking persists.
  • Keep in mind, the crew can only do so much with disruptive children. The parent(s) are the best ones to deal with the situation.


You’ve got this. Staying calm might be tricky, but it’s key when your child reaches ear-piercing shrieks you never knew they were capable of. Being prepared will also leave you feeling more confident and in control. 

Babies, small children, and teens can have ear issues. Bottles, pacifiers, and nursing can ease symptoms in babies. Chewing gum for older children can be helpful. 

Toddlers and up:

  • Explain to the child they will be on the plane for quite a while, and there will be times when the pilot will require them to stay in their seat with their seatbelt on. 
  • Sometimes traveling doesn’t always work with your potty training schedule. Your young child may protest, but a pull-up might be a good call when the bathroom isn’t available when your child needs it. 
  • If possible, purchase a new toy and bring it out when the child is starting to get restless.
  • Card and magnetic games are great. 
  • Movies and electronic games are also favorite distractions. 
  • Favorite snacks- or those they only receive infrequently, are a fun treat.

Happy travels everyone!